Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rainy Day Blues (Blue being my favorite color)

It's been raining around here lately. A LOT. In fact I think that April and May actually switched themselves around because all of those April showers that are supposed to bring May flowers?  Totally backwards this year. All of the flowers that bloomed in April have now died a soggy death.

But I'm not complaining, truly. I love the rain. I love the clouds, the filtered light (the sun is WAY too bright!), the different types of wet drops that fall, the clean smell of the air, the way my skin feels; all moist and happy. I could go on and on... (much to the chagrin of most people I know - even though we live in the Pacific Northwest...Hello! It's SUPPOSED to rain around here!) But, with a little one around I will admit that the rain makes the days a little more challenging, especially when you've been sick and are trying not to catch pneumonia. We've had to be creative with the different activities we've done in the past few weeks in order to get out of the house and not go completely crazy!

Which means that we've done some pretty fun stuff and some stuff that is really fun when you're 2 1/2 years old (and therefore fun for Mommy since that means a good nap is on the horizon.). Library trips, walking the mall and crawling on all of those mechanical toys (which cost 75 cents now! Outrageous!), swinging and sliding in the rain (I'm the mom that brings the towel to wipe down the playground - I've had a lot of practice at this point...and a couple pairs of wet jeans from sliding down first before I came up with the brilliant idea.).

We've also haunted a decrepit old shopping center with only 2 stores still open in order to get a ride on the carousel (I wasn't the only one, let me tell you. The old couple sitting at the ratty table scratching lottery tickets one after the other without a word of conversation between the two of them will attest to that...) and craft time at the kitchen table (Yay for washable markers and glue!).

One of these days the sun is going to come out, it's going to get blisteringly hot and my skin is going to dry out and crack and I will look back and remember these late May days with fondness.

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