Friday, May 21, 2010

Glass Slipper Hunt...

The Princess got this little Polly Pocket Cinderella from my Mom the other day. Cinderella is her MOST FAVORITE princess of all the princesses and her eyes lit up as soon as she saw the package.

She came with two dresses, two pairs of shoes and a little bird friend. The clothes are super cool - they're made out of rubber so they stretch when little hands are trying to yank them on and off. The shoes are so cute and SO SMALL! A pink pair and a "glass slipper" pair. Once we got her out of the package Mom and Sister were lamenting that they hadn't gotten the other princesses too!

What this has meant for me is that I have been changing the dresses at least, bare minimum, probably WAY more than 15 times a day! Oh, and the shoes! But I'm not complaining, I really haven't minded...(It's one of the bonuses to having kids - you actually get to play with cool toys again! Well, I think they're cool - it's a whole new princess world for Steve!)

But can I go back to the shoes? I don't think I adequately described HOW tiny these shoes are. They get lost in the little corners of the small bag that Mom made to keep everything in. They fall down and are practically swallowed by the tufts of carpet. You could swallow one in your drink (if it happened to drop in there...) and never even notice!

With the pink shoes - no problem. Pink stands out and The Princess can find them right away. BUT...the "glass slippers" are a completely different story! The glass slippers are "glass" and therefore see-through. TINY and SEE-THROUGH! This means that I have also been down on my hands and knees desperately searching for one tiny little slipper wedged in between two tufts of beige carpet while the refrain "Where's my other glass slipper?" is repeated constantly until I once again find it!

We still have two glass slippers at the moment... I can't guarantee how much longer they're going to stay around. I haven't given in to my urge to just vacuum them up and be done with it because, seriously, they're the cutest things!! luck has GOT to be running out for finding those minuscule high heels!

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