Thursday, March 29, 2012

The eyebrows tell a story

Here is my tweet from the other day, because sometimes you need company while you laugh in disbelief at yourself.

"I shaved off part of my eyebrow (don't ask!), this goes nicely with my newly acquired adult acne (shout out to my dermatologist!). #monday."

What I didn't include was that I'd also completely forgotten to put on deodorant that morning...the morning that I was driving to work. I'm just trying to give you the full picture of my ineptitude.

Of course, I couldn't leave it at just a tweet. Since none of my family are on twitter (the nerve!!) I emailed it to them - don't want them to miss out on the fun! Imagine my delight and out-loud laughing fit when my sister-in-law sent me this email.

"Like sister, like brother, Ben shaved his eyebrow off a couple months ago. He had to fill it in w/ a brow pencil & was so mortified." 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The Princess has developed a new obsession lately, a Toy Story obsession. Specifically an obsession with Jessie, the cowgirl.  (yay! A rootin'-tootin' cowgirl who's loud, enthusiastic, independent, physically active and not "traditionally beautiful"!)

Every day we have this conversation:

"Mommy. Guess who I am. DON'T TELL ME, DON'T TELL ME!"
"Okay, I won't tell you. Who are you today?"
"It starts with a J and then an E,S,E. That spells Jese!"
"Oh! You're Jessie today?"
"Yes! I'm Jessie!!!"

She figured out that spelling all on her own...

I had to pick up toothpaste for her so, of course, I got the Toy Story kind. (I don't pass up obvious ways to buy my child's love.)

The Princess was in RAPTURES upon discovery. We don't need to take her to Disneyland or Hawaii or the Mall of America now. The reaction to the toothpaste was enough excitement to last her until at least the age of 30. Oh, and then I threw in a package of kid flossers too!

Over the moon.

She picked out a frog one and slept with it that night.

I'm totally winning at this mom thing (today).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sometimes, when The Princess throws a screaming fit, because she does and does it well, I want to just start screaming with her. What would happen? Is that just reinforcing behavior that isn't acceptable? (there are better ways to express/handle anger) Would it scare her? Would anger and disobedience and "bad attitudes" just become a game? Or, would she feel like I really got her frustration? Maybe it would diffuse the situation because she wasn't alone in the tornado of her emotions...

Should I do it? Should I just keep my cool? Because, really, if I start screaming along with her it won't be anything but me letting out my own emotions too.

Sweetpea would probably be freaked out by the both of us.

I get an email every day with a prompt to use for writing. I've been ignoring them since January but it's time. I'm challenging myself to use at least one prompt a week and write something, anything... I'll be posting some of them here on the blog. I have no idea where they'll take me. You've been warned. (The prompt word will be italicized in the text.)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh no you didn't!!!

Yes. I did.

I helped my daughter pass on a chain letter. I thought chain letters died many, many years ago. But, lo and behold, The Princess received a letter in the mail JUST FOR HER. In it was that familiar letter with instructions to move #2 address to spot #1, add her name to spot #2, send it to 6 friends and soon, SOON, she will receive 36 packs of stickers in the mail!

Well, she immediately started naming friends and even went so far as to take the pen from me and write the names herself as I dictated the letters. How could I refuse to help after the initiative, the excitement, the willingness to pick out boy stickers without asking for some of her own when we went to Target?

I couldn't.

I copied that letter, moved address #2 to spot #1, wrote in her address and found my little used stamps for the envelopes (I should send more letters.)

She's so excited. I just hope she gets at least one pack of stickers back. And I hope that the parents who receive this letter from us don't hate me forever!  Ha!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A place to lie

I grew up with cats and when Steve and I first were married we had two of them. For some reason all cats love quilts, especially when they're laid out on the floor and you're trying to work on them. Wherever you need to be, that is where they need to be also.

We don't have cats anymore, but I don't need them. My children have filled in nicely.

Maybe I should just trace around them and quilt their outlines...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Pen(cil) is mightier than the sword

This is the newest toy in the house.

Every single pencil has been worn down to or past it's nub and the only pencil sharpener I could find in the house was one of those plastic ones that kids use in school. Which worked just fine until I used it to sharpen crayons for a project with The Princess... Well, there was one other but it's wooden with a carved elephant on the top and I think the blade is actually a piece of tinfoil so you can imagine how effective it is.

I came home with an electric one which cause much excitement among the troops and The Princess was thrilled to learn how to use it and worked diligently through the pile of pencils I had for her.

We now are fully armed with dagger sharp pencils. Perfect for stabbing through paper when trying to write or poking out an eye!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monthly (February) Menu Review

No, you're not crazy. I didn't review January...there wasn't much to review. I managed to make some food, we ate, we survived.

But, I have been waiting a month to share my most favorite new recipe! A recipe that Steve thanked me for making on a night he had a business dinner (coincidence - he totally lucked out!), and I later thanked myself when I realized I didn't have to share it with anyone - I ate it all myself and it was AMAZING!

Recipe of the Month:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wildlife Refuge

One of our new "resolutions" is to take the girls out hiking more. A few weeks ago we went to Beacon Rock and were reminded that Washington State has a new program called the Discover Pass to help fund the State Parks. We did the complicated math and realized that since it was a $10 fee for the day parking or $30 for a year pass we should probably just get the pass. Which we did, telling ourselves that it was good incentive to keep us hiking all year long.

Saturday we headed out again. We are so, so fortunate to live in a place with parks and hiking galore so we chose a new one 30 minutes away. We gleefully hung our Discover Pass in the window as pulled into the parking lot, patting ourselves on the back for making good financial decisions and finding family bonding time opportunities. Then I walked over to the information board. Turns out we picked a FEDERAL park...they have their own "Golden Eagle" we paid the day fee and off we went. FOILED AGAIN!

The hike was great and I've only posted 1/8 of the tree pictures I took.  You're welcome.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sweetpea the doll

See that cute expression? I get to see every day. 
And it kills me every time!