Monday, January 25, 2016

To Drive Away

I sat in the passenger seat at the stoplight idly looking out the window.

On the corner a man stood holding a sign "Hungry. Ready to work. I just need a chance."

The used car dealership across the street streamed with flags fluttering in the wind; promises of hopes and dreams.

A young girl stood at the bus stop with a book bag, long braid, and standard uniform of jeans and t-shirt.

She was talking to someone.


This was not a conversation.

She was shaking her head and curling in on herself. Trying to ignore whatever it was that the man in the pickup truck was saying to her 25 feet away.

He kept talking and she kept shaking her head; stepping away, moving away...defenseless.

Why didn't I get out of the car when no one else moved forward from the gas pump or the bus shelter?

Why didn't I step in front of her offering protection and solidarity?

Why didn't I understand what was happening before the light turned green and we drove away?