Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hair Days

When I was pregnant I desperately wanted a bald baby. The first thing Gretchen told me when The Princess finally made her appearance was "Don't worry. She doesn't have hair!" and I was all "Oh, thank goodness!" And we both ignored the nurses giving us weird looks and wondering why we weren't bothering to count her fingers and toes...

The Princess then proceeded to NOT grow hair for almost 2 years! No big deal - she has has such a beautiful head plus it made the morning routine super easy and bath time was a breeze! But I was starting to wonder just a little bit if the hair gene was actually going to kick in. I mean, it's one of the guaranteed good genes Steve and I are passing on; other than the blue eyed thing which I will probably rapture about at some other time.

Then...her two year birthday came (and the lack of an actual photographed celebration could be another post, but perhaps we won't go there...It makes me look bad!) and suddenly those genes kicked in and she's been growing hair like nobodies business. It just occurred to me the other day that maybe those tiny little rubberbands might actually be useful now.

And Voila!

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