Tuesday, September 14, 2010


About a month ago The Princess started asking me a new question.  "Are you happy, Mommy?"

"Wow" I thought "What a thoughtful little girl we've been raising! So concerned with my feelings and my emotional health!"

I noticed that she often asked me this when she had just done something naughty...but at least she was acknowledging that her bad behavior was causing emotional stress for me, right? Very advanced for her age, I'm sure!

I've been very careful to answer honestly - Yes, I'm happy. No, I'm sad that you're not listening to me. Since I want to foster good communication between us I'm always sure to ask her how she's feeling - we're learning and growing.

Then the other day she asked me again.  "Are you happy, Mommy? Or are you Sneezy?"

So...we've been talking about the Seven Dwarfs for the last month????????????

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Princess and The Sweetpea

The Sweetpea

She has a light covering of dark hair on her head. It’s smooth and silky against my cheek.

She screams bloody murder when getting her diaper changed and if she has to wait more than 30 seconds to eat. Because we might just be starving her…  Other than that she’s content and quiet.

She’s not sure about the swaddle. She sleeps deeply with it but if she realizes she’s swaddled she fights to get her hands out.

She’s a great eater but She spits up A LOT!

She has long fingers.

Her toes are always cold.

Her left ear was folded down at birth. Now it’s popped up and she has nice little ears, close to her head.

She smells delightful.

She likes getting her head washed.

I managed to cut 3 fingers when trying to trim her nails the first time. I’m going to stick to the nail file from now on.

She sleeps peacefully through all of the kisses she gets from The Princess.

She likes the vibrating chair – WITHOUT the vibrations.

She eats every two hours but doesn’t cry or fuss in the middle of the night. Just lies there quietly if she does happen to have trouble going back to sleep. Mostly she just goes back to sleep though.

Her little mouth turns down at the corners.

She has and will always have blue eyes.

Sometimes she stutter breathes and it makes my heart stutter right along with it.

Sometimes she breathes so quietly I stare at her to see if there’s any movement before I start panicking.

I love to kiss her.

The Princess

She says she misses me whenever I leave or there’s the possibility of me leaving. It makes my heart sing and break at the same time.

She HATES to hear The Sweetpea cry. “Why is that baby crying?” she says over and over.

She asks/tells us to take that baby to a different room whenever The Sweetpea cries or gets ready to cry.

She showers The Sweetpea with kisses.

She asks “why?” all the time.

She’s reveling in the extra time with Daddy.

She struggled the first couple of days with all the changes, but the struggle was internal only coming out in little bursts.

The first time The Sweetpea cried she asked “Why is she crying?” then her chin wobbled and she burst into tears herself. I curled up around her and tried to soothe to pain.

She asked me to sing while she was in her bath. We sang “Great is Thy Faithfulness” together and I cried through the entire song, rinsing her hair with my tears.

She seems like she gained 20 lbs in the 24 hours I was in the hospital! How did I lug her around when I was 39 weeks pregnant?!!

She is amazing at playing and entertaining herself.

She suddenly seems so big and so grown up. But she’s still a little girl.

She’s so beautiful.

I love to kiss her.