Friday, May 7, 2010


Look what arrived at my door this afternoon!  Lovely tulips - my second most favorite flower! (Don't think that the husband is unobservant. Lilacs just moved to the top of the list in the last year but I don't think I've ever actually told anyone that... I mean, how often does your favorite flower question come up once you've stopped dating...?)

Every time a romantic holiday or my birthday (or just some random day when I could use a pick me up) came around I used to daydream that someone would send me flowers (or candy grams when I was younger) for all the world to see. I would be sitting at my desk, at school or work, and someone would come strolling over with a gorgeous bouquet (or crumbly cookie) that caused every head to turn as it passed by, hoping that it was for them but knowing that it was actually for the most important person in the room - ME!

I can tell you that although I may periodically be the most important person in someone else's life, I have NEVER gotten that coveted delivery... until now. How exciting! How thoughtful! What a dream come true! Although, since I'm no longer working in an office I probably should have waited until some random neighbor was outside to actually witness my public display of importance!

Oh well, I'm sure when The Precious wakes up from her nap she'll be properly reverent about the whole affair for a solid 5 seconds before reminding me that she's usurped my position of being the most important one!

Thank you sweet husband and daughter for the beautiful gift. I love it!

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