Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Whirlwind

We made a quick trip to Eastern Washington for my Dad's birthday this weekend. The Princess has a well deserved reputation as a horrible traveler. She's outgrown the incessant screaming (i.e. 6 hour trip = 5.5 hours of screaming!) but she still doesn't sleep in the car.  We hopped in the torture chamber anyway and she survived admirably - minimal whining and that was only on the way back. Sticker books help A LOT!

We had a wonderful time with Mars, the dog. He and The Princess have had a love affair going on since they were babies. She never forgets to include him in the list when we're talking about who we're going to see.

Oh yeah, we saw the rest of the family too and had lots of laughter, conversation, food and cake. 

Happy Birthday Dad! You're absolutely the best.

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