Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sick Days

I spent much of the day on the couch with an off and on fever and scratchy throat - not really conducive for child care. Plus I missed my weekly chat session with my friend where we ignore our children (if there's no blood you're fine!) and talk for 2 hours straight - annoying!

Anyway, I know that everybody thinks their kids are totally amazing (as it should be), and if you read all of my kid posts you're either their grandparents or you are a very generous person. 


Today, they really were extraordinary. The Princess did her thing and sat with me on the couch, even telling me to get back to the couch when I got up to switch out the laundry or check my email. Sweetpea...well she wandered around the house chatting happily, talking with me on the phone for a while and stopping by every once in a while to read another page of Dr. Suess.

And then, we played Trick or Treat in the afternoon with The Princess bringing me the treats and then returning to pick them up in her basket which was the yellow plastic sink from her kitchen. All while I was on the couch listening to Sweetpea putter her way through the house. (This is why I'm thankful for a small house. I can keep an ear on her even when she's out of sight.)

So, today I will claim to have the BEST CHILDREN IN THE WORLD! Don't worry, they will make me pay for it in the future, dearly I'm sure...

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