Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Baking Soda for the world, but not me.

So...I thought I'd try something new. You know: New Year, New You!

Because I'm a Pinterest addict (there's probably a support group for that.) I kept seeing little pins for "No-Poo" (ewww! Sounds gross! But wait!) I finally broke down and clicked which led me down the rabbit hole to a whole movement of ditching the shampoo and using baking soda and vinegar instead. "What could it hurt?" I thought. "I will be chemical free and saving money - two things I like!"

After I made Steve promise he would tell me if I started to smell and he rolled his eyes at my latest weird endeavor, I dutifully mixed up my baking soda mixture and then my vinegar rinse, toted the concoctions to the shower, and gave it a try.

Weird, although, since I was scrubbing so hard with my fingers trying to make sure my head was clean with just baking soda, I got a nice head massage out of it. "I can do this for two weeks," I told myself. "Two weeks to beautiful hair and a new, chemical free me. I will glow with natural beauty...I will inspire the world around me...." 

People, I lasted 5 whole days and then I TOTALLY CAVED!  I couldn't even make it through the transition period. The transition period that can take 2 weeks to a month (I saw one person say up to 2 months.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  TWO MONTHS???!!!!)  Until then, the internet kept telling me, just hang on. Your hair will be awful, greasy, gross, not at all like you ever expect your hair to be. But wait, good things are coming, it will be worth it in the end!! Beautiful hair, healthy hair, no money spent on shampoo, no chemicals, peace for the entire world! (I made that last one up.)

I couldn't do it. Instead, I was twitching in front of the shampoo display, reading labels and just imagining the heaven of washing my hair with real shampoo again. Of course, I was twitching so much that I didn't even notice until I got home that I'd managed to buy two bottles of shampoo and no conditioner!

Next up, I'm cleaning my face with a mixture of castor oil and extra virgin olive oil!  So far this one is better...but it's only been 5 days...

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