Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gecko Ride

This was my facebook post the other morning. "Had to dislodge multiple small (stuffed) animals from my boots this morning before I could get them on!"

A nice reminder of the little ones still sleeping in their cozy beds at home. 

Also a reminder of this other time...

We hadn't been in Kenya long when I learned an important lesson. I was getting ready to leave the house so I grabbed my shoes and quickly slipped them on. The right one felt a little tight but I ignored it so that I could grab what I needed before leaving.

After walking around a couple of minutes, I finally admitted that it was just too tight and plopped down on the floor to investigate. Pulling off the shoe, I peered inside to see what was blocking my toes.

Two small eyes peered back at me.

I dropped the shoe.

A gecko crawled out and drunkenly walked across the room and out the door while I sat lightheaded and speechless.

How that gecko survived his dizzying ride in my shoe without being squished between my toes (Just the thought makes me shudder. Gecko guts oozing between my toes...aaagggh!) I will never know. I'm just so glad that no clean-up was required!

Lesson Learned: always check your shoes before you put them on!  Obviously, I've since forgotten this gem.


  1. I had that same thing happen to me, but with a little frog! Shoe felt a little tight as we headed out to have dinner at some friend's house, but I just kind of ignored it in order to get on the road. Later, went to put shoes on again (at friend's house) in order head home, and out popped a frog!? = }

    1. Oh! And I would definitely vote for stuffed animals stuck inside my shoes any day over geckos and frogs! ; )

    2. The thing is, I don't normally think of my shoes as having all of the extra room... how do these creatures ride along without meeting a squishy death??!!!