Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TV Viewing

Every so often a random memory will hit me from Kenya. This one actually sneaks up on me quite often for a variety of reasons - something funny, poignant, absurd...


We didn't have a TV in Kenya. We had other things to do like climbing trees, rescuing chameleons and building forts in bushes. Also, there wasn't any programming to watch. Although, there was the local news which featured a spinning globe and, if you watched long enough, you could see a hand sneak in periodically to spin it again once it had stopped. So, I guess that was worth watching for a chuckle...

Every 6 months or so, however, we'd go down to the local electronics store and rent a gargantuan tv and vcr (gargantuan because they were ancient, but still worked.) Then we'd stock up on pirated movies and head home for a weekend of non-stop movie watching. Seriously, one movie after another. It was so great!

I don't remember most of the movies we watched but there are a few that are indelible.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. - I think we scarred the little girl spending the night with my sister that night for life! This also solidified my love of Harrison Ford.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - my Dad previewed that movie before I could see it. I laugh thinking about him suffering through it and then smile with thankfulness at his willingness to sit through it.

Combat Academy - I saved this for last because this was the one that all five of us remembered as THE MOST HILARIOUS MOVIE EVER! We looked for it everywhere when we returned to the states but could never find it. I started to think that we'd made up the whole thing. Then, ebay was invented and we were reunited with a slightly less funny version but still very real copy of Combat Academy.

Obviously, the movies were just the vehicle for some good old family bonding time.

Fond memories.

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