Monday, October 31, 2011

Only a Squirrel Will Do

I don't normally put a lot of thought or effort into Halloween. Last year we dressed The Princess up in her pink tutu, tied a couple ribbons on a gift bag and took her to the mall for trick-or-treating. She thought it was great. So, I figured between her love of princesses and her obsession with bones we could easily figure out a costume. I said "sure, sure" to her request a couple of weeks before to be a squirrel but didn't give it any more thought. That is, until she wouldn't stop talking about the squirrel (which, with her funny accent, I sometimes took for "skull")...Oh dear.

So, Wednesday, thinking I had until the following Monday to pull something together, we went shopping for a costume. I dragged 2 small children through the craft store, the consignment store, Party City and, in a last gasp effort, Petco.

I came home with two acorns. That's it. The princess was absolutely set on being a squirrel, in spite of the princess aisle I took her down at Party City in hopes that she'd cave for something easier. I even thought I could modify a dog's costume (note for dog costume designers - how funny would it be to have a dog dressed as a squirrel?!) - nothing!

So, I was forced into a mad scramble of creativity, especially panicked when we decided to take her to the zoo scavenger hunt trick or treating on Saturday thus reducing my time to one day. Honestly, I work better under pressure anyway so it's probably better that way. Off to the fabric store we went Friday morning and found enough remnants to make SOMETHING...

I give you the 2011 Halloween Squirrel. The most adorable squirrel there ever was.

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