Monday, October 3, 2011

Crazy Menu

Some people call it crazy, I call it enthusiastic. It keeps my life interesting... Side bonus: those that live with me have interesting lives too!

Call it crazy and I may very well jump right in.

I pulled Steve out of bed at 4:30 am on a Saturday so that we could go to a super secret, once-in-a-lifetime, garage-sale-like sale at IKEA. We stood in line with everyone else, clutching our tools in order to quickly dismantle the store and walk away with kitchen sinks, flooring and furniture from their room displays.

Last year I wrote a 50,000 word novel in a month. Much of it was written with a two month old baby sleeping in my lap (not to mention the 3 year old lin the house as well.) Oh yeah, there was the Thanksgiving family extravaganza too. I'm thinking about doing it again. (I'm not saying that it's any good but the just doing it was great!)

I ran a 12-person, 197 mile relay race from Mt Hood to the coast. Twice. (so far and I will definitely do it again! I don't think this is crazy but Steve said I had to include it. )

I was browsing through Pinterest the other day and another crazy idea caught my eye. Someone was advertising their "meal planning for the year".  A YEAR of menus!  Of course I had to investigate and you know what I do with crazy... I've got 4 months planned and am working on the remaining 8.

That's right. A binder with a years' worth of dinner menus!
You can see her instructions and download everything here.

 This could revolutionize my life because I HATE figuring out what to make for dinner. If it was just me I'd live on popcorn, cheese, apples and wine. But other people seem to think that proper meals, or at least something substantial, are essential.

Now that I have kids I feel a certain pressure to provide more than popcorn or burritos for dinner. (The beans are homemade! That gives me a few bonus points, right?) Blech, why don't kids come with a self-feeding option??

If I can plan a years' worth then I only have to make small tweaks in the years to come - that's the plan anyway. Anyway, I also found this and I'm trying to figure out how to include it into my plans as well because crazy should be cute too, right?

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