Friday, October 21, 2011

Construction Excitement

Two months ago a large re-roofing project started in our condo complex. Since they started pulling off the very first shingle The Princess has asked "are they at our house yet?" EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We've talked forklifts, plywood, tar paper, shingles, nail guns, hard hats and safety ropes. Nothing has escaped her attention. She has asked me multiple times if, when she gets big, she can wear the orange worker clothes and a hard hat. "Of course!" I assure her.

Finally, after doing every other building but one, they arrived at ours. Oh, the excitement! They've been pounding on the roof, throwing stuff down 3 stories, and delivering supplies via forklift - all outside our window.  We've watched the progress of our neighbor's roof while listening to the mirror image effort going on above us. Sweetpea has figured out how to sleep through the sound of the nail gun.

It'll all be over soon but in the meantime we smile and wave to the guys just outside our window (while I hope we don't startle him so much that he falls off the edge!).

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