Monday, October 10, 2011

There and Back

I'm just going to say it. My children are wimps.

It's their own fault, really. They refuse to sleep in the car.

We made a quick 24 hour trip to Eastern Washington this weekend and gathered with Steve's large family to celebrate the life of his grandmother who passed away. (A woman who lived long enough to see her first great-great grandchild. Amazing!)

Since The Princess and Sweetpea both refused the hypnotic rhythm of the car (while I desperately fought the urge to sleep!) they arrived to a house semi-full of people already sleep deprived. Add a continuously increasing volume of people as the hours passed and we quickly had two overwhelmed babes.

13 hours of sleep later was just enough to survive 2 hours of morning activity before they both were ready to nap again. Although, only Sweetpea could be convinced of the brilliancy of this idea.

We headed for home at bedtime that night - two tired kiddos and a 4 hour car trip in the dark... Did they sleep? No! They talked nonstop and insisted on "reading" their books until 30 minutes from home. Then they both crashed. They continued to crash yesterday and all signs point towards a slow recovery; maybe by Wednesday they'll be back to normal.

Car trips over 20 minutes are just too too much for these delicate creatures!

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