Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm a Runner

I'm a runner. I find it absurd to type that because much of my relationship with running involves an inner dialogue along the lines of "I'm never ever doing this again, this totally sucks." And yet, I find myself back out on a trail or the hot tarmac again...

Hood to Coast Relay. 196 miles, 36 hours. Crazy

Some of it's practical, it's a good way to stay in shape. Some of it's just plain cheap therapy. Sometimes there actually is that "runner's high" feeling. Some of it is stubbornness, I hate to quit.

But, my many years' history with running seems to point out that I might actually just be built for running...

Night running!

It began officially in 6th grade. Our PE teacher started the 100 mile club that year. Every kid in the school was eligible to win a prize if they ran 100 miles in a school year. We ran a mile every day at the start of PE class - that's a lot of miles but there were still many miles to be run outside of school, and run them I did. Since I am also ridiculously competitive I was also working my best time - 6:04 that year.

School Sports Day, Rosslyn Academy. Kenya, East Africa

When we came back from Kenya sports was the easy way to find a group in school. Since there was no way I could compete on the field hockey field, running it was. I made it to State every year, despite a vow to quit during each and every race. Running the backwoods of Maine with my Dad on the bike and our chocolate lab crashing through the forest was an experience I loathed at the time but treasure now. Things always look better when you've survived potential death from lack of oxygen.

And, now here I am twenty years later still running. Slower, achier, just as out of breath. Some things change, some don't.

A few weeks ago The Princess ran her first race. She was so excited. That girl ran her 1/2 mile with a nonstop smile in just less than 4 minutes. I was so proud, especially when I noticed her fantastic stride.

And then, the other day as I met up with her, Sweetpea, and Steve with just a mile left on my run, she asked if she could join me. I slowed down, she took off, and we ran the last mile together. She ran the entire thing chatting the whole way and when she finished she asked when we could do it again.

She's a natural, maybe she gets it from me.

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