Monday, June 10, 2013

Steigerwald Lake

We're trying to ramp up our outdoor explorations again. A couple of weekends ago we explored the lowlands right before you enter the Columbia Gorge. Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge.

We managed a count of 18 giant orange dragonflies, 1 deer, 1 swan, a bunch of ducks, and a variety of other birds of various sizes. Please note all of the bird watching. My children are forcing me to acknowledge birds and hide my instinct to cower. They are very challenging (The children. And the instincts...)

Note of interest for this trail - it's dotted with sculptures. They're nicely placed along the path and we enjoyed them. Then, right at the end, The Princess stopped to peek into a hole in a tree. Hidden inside was a sculpture of a giant beetle. There was no indication that it was in there, just a child's curiosity would make the delightful discovery!

Now we definitely have to go back and scour the hidden areas for more treasures!

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