Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Secret to Wedded Bliss

The other night the girls had a hard time settling down. After the warning was ignored the consequence had to come down and Steve walked out with The Princess' lion, Lionel, and Sweetpea's bunny, Benjamin. He chose strategically, bad enough to send a message, not the favorite to traumatize them.

However, though Sweetpea has barely glanced at the beautiful white, fluffy bunny I carefully placed in her crib when she was tiny, she sobbed like we'd taken her lifeblood. Slowly the crying died down and soon the two tired girls were asleep. When we went in later we found the The Princess had given her Betty Bunny, even though she sleeps with her every night.

The next morning, when Steve asked her about it, she said she'd given Betty to Sweetpea so that she wouldn't be sad anymore. Can we all just melt into a puddle for minute?

Then she said, "You know Daddy, Lionel and Betty are married."
"Oh really? Did you marry them?"
"No, I just gave them the things they needed."

Now I have no idea what those special things were but whatever she gave them seems to be working. Lionel and Betty are going strong with 5 years of marital bliss.

Maybe we'll do a joint celebration of their 5 and our 15 years, The Princess loves an excuse for a party!

*That's right. 15 years of marriage. Somebody pinch me, I'm getting old!


  1. Ha ha, 15 years is a milestone, congratulations! (and appropriate applause to Lionel and Betty as well ...)

  2. Happy anniversary you two! Love the sweet, sisterly love shared in this post.