Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We just spent a week in Las Vegas, including the 20 hour drive down and the 17 hour one back. BLRGGGHHH. That's all I can say about that.

But, Nevada. Hmmm, it's kind of a weird state. If you're from Nevada, I'm sorry. I'm sure it's lovely in areas (it is, we drove through some of them)

and it grows on you (but not much else grows there. It's so HOT!)

but it's not going anywhere on a list of places I might be interested living in.

Part of it is the whole bizarre concept of Las Vegas. An entire city in the middle of nowhere devoted to feats of engineering and illusion. Lights and smoke camouflage the cracks in the facades and the dirt in the corners and the goals seem to be to obliterate memories (alcohol!) and wallets (gambling!).

We drove through some of the most desolate land I think I've ever seen. And people live there. What do they do? How do they survive? These are questions I contemplated as I snapped photos and spammed all of my friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (Sorry everyone but I was desperate for entertainment and my kids had the Kindle.)

(in desperation I ended up reading two entire books on my phone while we drove, because apparently we need Kindles for everyone when we travel long distances. Ha!)

Then there were the brothels, renamed "Ranches" I noticed. I don't want to dig into the metaphor too deeply.

Finally, there's Area 51. If aliens did ever visit they picked the perfect discreet spot. If they didn't, well it's the perfect discreet spot for government activities they don't want anyone to know about. (I've just put myself on multiple watch lists...)

All that to say...I like to travel so if you're up for a road trip I could probably be convinced to tag along again.

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