Monday, March 5, 2012

Wildlife Refuge

One of our new "resolutions" is to take the girls out hiking more. A few weeks ago we went to Beacon Rock and were reminded that Washington State has a new program called the Discover Pass to help fund the State Parks. We did the complicated math and realized that since it was a $10 fee for the day parking or $30 for a year pass we should probably just get the pass. Which we did, telling ourselves that it was good incentive to keep us hiking all year long.

Saturday we headed out again. We are so, so fortunate to live in a place with parks and hiking galore so we chose a new one 30 minutes away. We gleefully hung our Discover Pass in the window as pulled into the parking lot, patting ourselves on the back for making good financial decisions and finding family bonding time opportunities. Then I walked over to the information board. Turns out we picked a FEDERAL park...they have their own "Golden Eagle" we paid the day fee and off we went. FOILED AGAIN!

The hike was great and I've only posted 1/8 of the tree pictures I took.  You're welcome.

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