Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The Princess has developed a new obsession lately, a Toy Story obsession. Specifically an obsession with Jessie, the cowgirl.  (yay! A rootin'-tootin' cowgirl who's loud, enthusiastic, independent, physically active and not "traditionally beautiful"!)

Every day we have this conversation:

"Mommy. Guess who I am. DON'T TELL ME, DON'T TELL ME!"
"Okay, I won't tell you. Who are you today?"
"It starts with a J and then an E,S,E. That spells Jese!"
"Oh! You're Jessie today?"
"Yes! I'm Jessie!!!"

She figured out that spelling all on her own...

I had to pick up toothpaste for her so, of course, I got the Toy Story kind. (I don't pass up obvious ways to buy my child's love.)

The Princess was in RAPTURES upon discovery. We don't need to take her to Disneyland or Hawaii or the Mall of America now. The reaction to the toothpaste was enough excitement to last her until at least the age of 30. Oh, and then I threw in a package of kid flossers too!

Over the moon.

She picked out a frog one and slept with it that night.

I'm totally winning at this mom thing (today).

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  1. She is a very smart obsessive little girl! I LOVE HER!