Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sometimes, when The Princess throws a screaming fit, because she does and does it well, I want to just start screaming with her. What would happen? Is that just reinforcing behavior that isn't acceptable? (there are better ways to express/handle anger) Would it scare her? Would anger and disobedience and "bad attitudes" just become a game? Or, would she feel like I really got her frustration? Maybe it would diffuse the situation because she wasn't alone in the tornado of her emotions...

Should I do it? Should I just keep my cool? Because, really, if I start screaming along with her it won't be anything but me letting out my own emotions too.

Sweetpea would probably be freaked out by the both of us.

I get an email every day with a prompt to use for writing. I've been ignoring them since January but it's time. I'm challenging myself to use at least one prompt a week and write something, anything... I'll be posting some of them here on the blog. I have no idea where they'll take me. You've been warned. (The prompt word will be italicized in the text.)

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  1. Just love this ... "Mommy. Guess who I am. DON'T TELL ME, DON'T TELL ME!"