Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh no you didn't!!!

Yes. I did.

I helped my daughter pass on a chain letter. I thought chain letters died many, many years ago. But, lo and behold, The Princess received a letter in the mail JUST FOR HER. In it was that familiar letter with instructions to move #2 address to spot #1, add her name to spot #2, send it to 6 friends and soon, SOON, she will receive 36 packs of stickers in the mail!

Well, she immediately started naming friends and even went so far as to take the pen from me and write the names herself as I dictated the letters. How could I refuse to help after the initiative, the excitement, the willingness to pick out boy stickers without asking for some of her own when we went to Target?

I couldn't.

I copied that letter, moved address #2 to spot #1, wrote in her address and found my little used stamps for the envelopes (I should send more letters.)

She's so excited. I just hope she gets at least one pack of stickers back. And I hope that the parents who receive this letter from us don't hate me forever!  Ha!


  1. Yeah! Glad Isla enjoyed the little project! I too am hoping that Lili at least gets one pack of stickers in the mail! = } Lili and I were putting this all together up at my parent's one day and my mom was reminding me of the underwear chain letter. Remember that one that went around year ago!? Yikes... = }

  2. I don't remember that one but I was thinking about the sock one (I LOVE new socks!) when I helped her with the letters. :) We'll see about the stickers...