Thursday, December 8, 2011

Monthly (November) Menu Review

So, as I was mentally reviewing November, I was convinced I hadn't made even one thing on the menu...I was too busy thinking about other things like black holes, New England history, stories from coffee shops...

But, we survived the month so I must have cooked something, right? initial thought was right - I only made ONE new thing on the menu last month! Thai Chicken Pumpkin Soup. (Didn't come out exactly right but close enough that I'm going to try it again and, if it's right next time, I'll share the recipe)

Apparently we survived on burritos, tacos, spaghetti (homemade red sauce or broccoli, bacon and parmesean) and salad. I did not hear one complaint about the lack of interest in food selection so don't feel sorry for Steve. Those are his favorite foods. But, no wonder we ran out of tortillas and refried beans!

December will be better, I promise!

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