Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Planning

December is right around the corner and that means Advent planning as we prepare for Christmas. Last year I bought one of the little cardboard advent calendars with the numbered windows to open each day. The Princess thought it was fabulous.

This year, like other pre-children years, I'm planning a bit more. With all of the inspiration on Pinterest I had lots of ideas and resources to choose from. I've got a month of activities planned for us as we prepare for Christmas.

Here's what we're doing, with a couple of gaps that I haven't filled yet:

Veggie Tales Nativity - I found this on sale with a rebate and now I don't have to worry about my good ones breaking!
Felt Christmas Tree
Zoo Lights - free with our zoo membership!
Make Snowflakes - fun with scissors!
Unwrap Christmas Book and read it (wrapping up the ones we already have) - we'll do this a couple of different days.

Buy a new Christmas CD
Felt Ornaments - to add to the felt tree. We'll do this a couple of different days.
Decorate Windows
Meet Daddy for lunch
Get Christmas Tree
Decorate Tree and house
Make Christmas Cookies
Make Reindeer Ornament

Deliver food to foodbank
Peacock Lane
- a neighborhood street that decorates their houses as a group.
Build a Snowman

Make a gingerbread house
Make a button wreath ornament
Deliver socks for homeless men
Christmas Eve Service

The list looks a little overwhelming like this but I'm optimistic that it'll be fun and worth it in the end. The time spent together is better than any gift we could come up with.

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  1. Optimistic & wonderful! I'm sure you'll get much further than you think. I just posted our list this week too. My favorite part of the holidays are doing these things and making all the wonderful memories with my kids. Good Luck and Have Fun and edit as needed