Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November = Crazy

This is what I've been doing all month, in addition to all of the other regular stuff plus Thanksgiving and Christmas planning... Not crazy at all.

Today I turned in my 50,000 word novel. A day early! The last 300 words were the WORST. IMPOSSIBLE, in fact. It took me five minutes to come up with the word "trace" and that's not even the word I wanted to use. It's just the only word left in my head.

And here is my spanking new badge - soon to appear on my side bar because you'd better believe I'll need the reminder when I do it all again next November!


  1. Do we get to read these novels? yes?

  2. I'm fairly positive that if this novel were read by someone right now it would be incomprehensible! Now the editing begins...then...MAYBE!