Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tears

It's not Christmas unless someone cries while getting the tree! No, not because we hike up into the mountains, cut one down with a dangerous chainsaw and drag it out ourselves. We drive 5 miles to the Boy Scouts lot by the grocery store.

Two years ago, The Princess begged us not to bring the tree into the house. Live trees don't belong in houses...

Last year, The Princess refused to walk through the tree lot. There was no way her feet were going to touch the ground that trees weren't actually growing out of!

This year, it was Sweetpea who had issues with the whole tree thing. She was fine with everything and watched them tie the tree onto our car with interest. But, when I opened the door and she realized that she was going to have to get into the car WHILE the tree was tied to the top, that was where she drew the line.

Cue the tears...  

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