Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bald Baby Heads

Sweetpea is starting to grow hair. She's got two funny little tails right behind her ears and JUST enough to pull into a barrette on the top of her head - you should have seen her preening in the mirror over that barrette!

I'll admit, though, I'm going to miss her little bald head. So soft and smooth and perfectly round.

When The Princess was born that was the very first piece of information my sister passed on to me, before I even saw her.

"Don't worry Sarah, she doesn't have any hair!"
"Oh, thank goodness!" I said.

Yes, the nurse gave us a weird look.

But I really, really, really wanted a bald baby.
My list was: healthy, girl, bald.

I got them all, twice.

I am so, so blessed.

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