Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Real Parent

So this whole bike riding thing really stopped me short.  There she was, riding down the sidewalk with Steve riding behind her, both of them with helmets, her long legs pumping, steering with intensity... And suddenly I really felt like a PARENT.

Yes, I've managed to keep her alive for 4 1/2 years but this felt different. We teach our kids lots of things but often the steps are so small that we're just holding on with the hope that we'll see the results in 20 years. But this, this flying down the cement a sparkly, pink and purple blur, it was such a tangible thing - this skill that we're teaching her. I could see her go from uncertainty to confidence in a matter of minutes and, instead of hopping off every few seconds to alleviate her nervousness she was challenging daddy to races.

It's the result. And it's breathtaking to watch.

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