Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Igloo Living

Every summer Steve and I have the same debate. "We should get an air-conditioner because I will die from the heat" VS. "There are only a few days that are truly miserable around here and we can survive them."

The frugal, survivor side (me) prevailed for 14 years but, on Sunday I lost resoundingly. (Mother's Day. He's trying to convince me that this is really a gift for me... I guess it is in the sense that I made him PROMISE he wouldn't be grumpy for the entire summer!)  We are now an air conditioned household.

I anticipate blissfully happy occupants for the next 3 months, or at least for the 4 days of the summer when the temperature actually does justify any and all attempts at relief from the heat!

*I'm not that torn up about it. After all, I'm almost as much of a wimp when it comes to the heat as Steve. If it wasn't for important things like jobs and family we would seriously try and find a way to summer in Alaska. Now that would be paradise!

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