Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Determined Princess

Well, the trike didn't last long. We knew it wouldn't since her knees were practically to her chin when she tried to pedal! So, off to Target we went - supplier of all children supplies...

They had two choices, (Target, I'm so disappointed in you. You didn't even have a Toy Story Bike that could have possibly been in the running.) Barbie or Disney Princesses. So, actually it wasn't even a choice. We headed home with a PINK and PURPLE PRINCESS BIKE. This bike is beyond anything and everything. It's sparkly, it has streamers, it's has multiple pictures of the princesses. And, and, and, It has a COACH on the handlebars that holds a special doll and any treasures you might find on your journey.

It is the most obnoxious bike I have ever seen.  And, of course, she LOVES it!

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