Monday, February 6, 2012

Wind Storm

Our last hiking trip to Multnomah Falls was such a hit that we're trying to do more of it. In spite of the strong winds, we made a trip out to Beacon Rock this weekend.

Strong winds doesn't really capture what was going on. We're talking what felt like gale-force, hurricane strength gusts. The Princess was almost blown over in the parking lot.

Steve asked me at one point if we were crazy parents for bringing our children out in it but then we ran into other families so we knew that we weren't alone in questionable parenting! Luckily, most of the switchback trail was on the side blocked from the wind.

The Princess enthusiastically tackled the trail, hiking with constant commentary until we rounded a corner and the strength of the wind hit us full force (37 mph gusts). We stopped for a rest and then she said "I'm tired. I think we should go back down."

I assured her that we were almost there, just five more minutes and she'd reach the top. "But I'm feeling a little nervous so I think we should go down." I assured her that I'd hold on tight so she decided that she could make it. We got to the top and braced ourselves for a few minutes - that's as long as she could stand it before we were headed back down and, as soon as we were out of the wind, she was happy.

We had lunch in Stevenson and then headed home. As we drove past the rock again I pointed it out to her and congratulated her on how high she'd climbed. "Yeah, but I don't ever want to do that again. I was too nervous." she answered. A mental note has been made to check the wind forecast next time we go out!

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  1. Love the pics, and I'm glad you all went - that is now a good memory to draw upon.