Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Love Reading

I'm back! My brain decided that since Monday was an official holiday it was going to take an entire week off...I think it's switched itself back on now.
I've started reading consistently again. Yay!! That first baby year is really not conducive to reading much of anything, at least when there's another kid in the mix. Now, of course, I've got a huge backlog of books to get through and, as I've been choosing which one to start next (!), I've started thinking about what I really like reading (at least right now.)

I went back to some of the reviews I've posted (mostly on Goodreads.com. Do you know that website? It is one of my favorites!) and re-played various conversations I've had recently about books and a couple of words keep coming up.

Redemption and Grace.

I like books with happy endings, hopeful endings, endings that reassure me that people can and will be stronger, nicer, and more forgiving. Wrongs will be avenged and lives are in a better place when I turn that final page. It doesn't have to be wrapped up with a little bow every time, although sometimes that's nice. I just want to know that they're on their way to a better place, internally and externally.

No, it's not always real life, but that's not necessarily why I read. I've got plenty of real life all around me. I'll take some angst and I'll eat up conflict, war, and trauma if the payout in the end is worth it. I want to suffer so long as I can fly with ecstasy when wrongs are finally righted, futures open up wide, and love becomes true.

Why do you read??

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  1. Because I'm compulsive.

    I read to learn and to escape. And for me, I prefer if those are mostly in separate categories. Like you say, I've got plenty of real life around me so when I escape, it needs to have hope. And then I've realized I am mentored, inspired, movitivated by reading other sorts of books, mainly non-fiction, on whatever my current bug-a-boo is, spiritual, home management, wellness, yard management, parenting, marriage...

    I have also begun to realize lately that there can be too much noise, too much input or too much escape that doesn't allow what I do read to really sink in and make a difference. Trying to find the balance. I might have mentioned that I'm a bit compulsive. :)