Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I now have one tiny corner of my house well organized. When I am drowning in baby and kid clutter and that stack of papers threatening to tip over and submerge the entire floor I just look over to my baby-gated entryway and feel the calm settle over me again.

Behold, the shoe cabinet!


  1. Pretty sure my husband would say I've got WAY TOO MANY shoes if I had to have a cabinet to hold them all! Enjoy your shoes and the cabinet that holds them! Trying to figure the cabinet out though. Is it mounted to the wall? Looks like it's missing some back legs? I'd also like a shot of the INSIDE of the cabinet so that I can see all the beautiful shoes! ; )

  2. I should have clarified that it's the entryway so it's holding shoes for ALL of us! :) Oh I wish I had enough beautiful shoes to fill one myself! :) Yes, it's mounted to the wall so it is skinny and doesn't take a lot of room. I'll take an inside shot one of these days.