Monday, August 8, 2011

Car Throne

Sweetpea has grown like crazy and she's just about grown out of her carseat. Time for a new one!  I was going to get the same one we got The Princess. I did a bunch of research and have been really happy with what we got. It's skinnier than the more popular one so there's the potential of actually fitting three people in the back seat. It's gray which blends in with the car upholstery. It folds up which is nice when you have to haul it with you on the train or plane.

That was my plan until I found a carseat on sale at Target. 60% off of the brand that's the #1 seller for those of us without an unlimited income. I couldn't pass it up. So I came home with one giant box of a good deal.

And then I pulled it out of the box and discovered that I had bought a throne for Sweetpea. A large, loud, bright pink throne. She's going to be riding in some kind of style.

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