Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dino Screams

Dinosaurs. Exciting, silly and fun. The Princess LOOOOVES dinosaurs! So, when the zoo announced that their dinosaur exhibit was returning and that we could get in for free ONE DAY ONLY I immediately put it on the calendar. In Pen.

Friday morning there was no dwaddling over breakfast, no dithering over what to wear, no long drawn out conversations about why it's important to wear socks, shoes, hats, any article of clothing that could possibly be seen as optional...  We had lunch packed, girls dressed and excitement in place as we headed off to meet the dinosaurs.

Apparently everyone else in the are got that special announcement too because the place was a zoo (ha!).  Seriously, this is the first time that having a zoo membership has really paid off in terms of bypassing the 500 person deep line to get in. We sailed in, skipped all of the animals and headed straight to the dinosaurs, The Princess chattering beside me.

The first roar was heard as we presented our tickets for entry. (Do dinosaurs really roar? I think it could be described more like a rough scream...) The first flicker of unease passed over The Princess' face.  Two more steps towards the bamboo fence and another 'scream' erupted eliciting excited ooohs and aaahs from the other kids scrambling to get through the gate. The Princess stopped dead in her tracks and said that she might be a little scared. I reassured her that it was going to be great and in we went, reluctantly.

The first dinosaur appeared ahead of us, sharp teeth and beady eyes in close proximity and that's all it took. The Princess decided she wasn't an "in person" fan so much as a "safe in my house" type fan.

I ended up carrying her through the entire exhibit while pushing Sweetpea in the stroller, who took the whole thing in with a calm, cool and collected interest...

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