Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sneak Peek

As I expected, the bedroom makeover is taking its sweet time.  What with kids and crazy work schedules and unexpected flashes of brilliance it's definitely going to be an All Summer Project.  But that's fine. I'm enjoying the process of idea gathering and imagining what it could be if I had unlimited funds...and then finding the alternatives with my exponentially smaller resources.

But, I did make quick work of the bathroom! I wasn't planning on it but when I saw the previously well-liked color against the new gray of the bedroom I knew I had to change it. Otherwise I would walk into the bathroom every morning and HATE it - not a good way to start a sleep deprived day!

So two coats of paint, a shower curtain and rings later I have a "new" bathroom! It's so much better.  Here are a couple of pictures. It's all gray and white. I was worried about the monochromatic palette (would it be too boring, coma-inducing?) but I really like it. It feels peaceful and clean.

So, with the basics coming together in the small room it's onward with my plan for the bedroom.

Oh, and I'd just like to say that I hate my camera and curse at it every time I take a picture. Keep that in mind...

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