Monday, March 7, 2011

Spice up your pantry!

So lately this blog has been rather kid/mommy centric.  Not a surprise considering I spend 95% of my time at home with them but still...there has to be something else for me to write about, right?

I thought I'd do a little review of my current favorites at Trader Joe's. I may do this periodically since there are so many good things at Trader Joe's and so my favorites change constantly.  For those of you who don't have a TJ's nearby - I'm really sorry. That's really sucks for you!

Trader Joe's Tuna in Red/Green Curry Sauce - apparently TJ's carried this a few years ago but it hasn't been around for a while.  Well it's back now!  I tried the Red curry and really liked it, the Green is sitting in my pantry for the next time Steve is gone on business (he's anti fish...). It was spicy with great flavor and the tuna was flavorful and had a good texture. I'm not a fan of plain tuna from a can, I can handle tuna from a pouch. This tuna wasn't "tuna-y" at all.

Trader Joe's Soft and Juicy Mango - I can't say anything except that I could eat an entire package in one sitting. It's sweet and soft and if you can't get a fresh mango this is the next best thing. Watch out if you're giving it to toddlers though, they'll end up with an orange covered face.

Bogle Chardonnay - Crisp and clean and affordable. If you can't drink red (it gives me a headache) this is a worthy substitute.

Trader Joe's European Style Plain Yogurt - I don't like plain yogurt. It's a little too tart and sour. But this yogurt! Wow! I bought it because I had homemade granola I wanted to try so I figured I'd choke it down. Was I ever surprised. It's creamy and smooth and tart but NOT sour. I loved it and I've been converted.

Dubliner Cheddar Cheese - This cheese is a combination of nutty and sweet. It's perfect in sandwiches or just on it's own and I've been known to grate it over my salad too.  I never get tired of eating it.

Trader Joe's Ginger, Almond & Cashew Granola - This granola has ACTUAL chunks of ginger in it! That's all I have to say about that.

**No, I'm not getting paid or receiving free products from TJ's but a package of their Mini Peanut Butter Cups wouldn't be refused!

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