Monday, March 14, 2011

Shamrock Run

One of the things I really chafe at when I'm pregnant is that I can't do all of the physical activities that I normally enjoy. Last summer I had a list going of all of the things I was missing out of. Not that I'm not grateful for my girls but the growing of them kind of cramps my style! So, I was really excited to sign up for my first "race" of the season.

Sunday morning I woke up everyone early (even earlier since it was daylight savings...I could write an entire rant about that but I will refrain!) and rushed them out the door before it was even light out. The Princess HATES to be rushed in the morning (I see problems in our school days future!) but once we were in the car the screaming stopped and we headed pleasantly into the city.

It was spritzing, misting and spitting off and on as we loaded the stroller, walked to the starting line and met my friend Angie to run. First time for her (yay Angie!) and what felt like a first time for me!

The mist turned to drizzle as we set off in the sea of people many of who were wearing crazy hats, green tutus and shamrock headbands - good people-watching for the runners and bystanders!

We had a great run in spite of having to stop three times for traffic (you can tell this was a fun run - the pedestrians had to share the right of way with the buses and streetcar every so often!) and thanks to the beer and donut stop on the way. (Yes, I'm serious - a group of people in their pajamas handing out green beer and donuts but no, we didn't actually stop!)

The drops fattened up as we headed off to our cars and by the time it turned into real showers we were safely ensconsed at Beesaws for plate sized pancakes!

Really, truly a great morning!

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