Monday, November 1, 2010

Life List

This morning I ran for the first time since The Sweetpea made her arrival. It was early morning; cloudy and cool with a little mist in the air as I ran along the river. I passed a guy running (granted, he was about 80 and the fact that he was even out running trumps my passing him any time...) and I didn't fall over! It was good in a painful sort of way. Hopefully I'll be recovered enough by next Monday to do it again.

I'm now sitting at Thatchers drinking coffee, eating a most amazing yogurt and granola blend and working on my computer. I've always wanted to take my laptop to a coffee shop and work on it while drinking coffee.  Yet another goal I can cross off my list!

I might not have to eat until dinnertime!

Of course, I'm not dressed in a cute outfit and I keep having to pick granola out of my teeth... But since I didn't specify "awesome boots with cute wool skirt" AND "clean teeth" on the list I'm going to cross it off anyway.

What's next on the list?

Where can I find a camel to ride?


  1. Point Defiance has a camel you can ride for $5. :) And I'm just impressed you made it to a coffee shop, not to mention running!! My legs are wobbly after my 15 min. workout these days. :)

  2. Still upset about not riding a camel in Mombasa?

  3. @Teatree - I knew you'd get the reference! :)