Friday, November 12, 2010

Living in the Age of Why

There's a stereotype out there that 3 year olds always ask "why?" and drive their parents nuts.

If you come to my house you can see how that stereotype came to be.


The days are full of why questions but I'm the only one providing answers. It's a thought that comes full circle; no end, no beginning; just another question, another curiosity.

Below is a sample of true life questions...and a few of my answers, or lack of answer...!

Why did I open the car door when the car was moving?   To make my heart stop, apparently.

Why did I break the chair?   And why are there teeth marks on it too???

Why did I make a bad choice?  ???????

Why am I awake?  I have NO idea!

Why am I crying? Besides the fact that you tripped, fell headfirst onto the ground, bit your lip and are now bleeding?

Why are those flamingos in that yard? Good Question!

Why is that dog not a bird?  ??????

Why did you fold that?   To make it smaller
Why is it smaller?  Because I folded it.
Why did you fold it?  To make it smaller
Why is it smaller?  Because I folded it!

AND...repeat 10,000 times!

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  1. Okay, for some reason it lost my first comment. I'll try again...

    I'm right there with ya, Sarah! = } I've started to respond to a lot of Lili's questions with, "Well, what do YOU think?" More times than not she can answer her own questions. So WHY is she asking them in the first place is my question!? Just because she knows it drives her mommy crazy all day!? = }