Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bad Mommy

"Bad Mommy!"

The Princess hasn't actually said that yet but she could be thinking it. It's certainly running through my head sometimes.

Overall we're transitioning well. I know this. The Princess is happy more often than not. Sometimes The Sweetpea has to sit and cry a little bit longer than I'd like before I can respond, but she's thriving. I'm getting sleep and Steve is keeping his sanity (sort of) in the midst of work, kids and a start up company.

But there are the moments that sometime expand to marathon battle-of-wills sessions. My patience is at it's end and we haven't even finished breakfast. I've said "not right now" or "in a minute" too many times to count. She's playing by herself, a wonderful trait, but today it's only because I've rejected her multiple times. I made a fuss over yellow socks because they didn't "go" when I should have been focused on the fact that she was listening to me and following instructions.

I'm almost 33 years older than she is. You'd think I'd be better at this.

I still check on her every night before going to bed but she doesn't know that.

I love her to pieces. Hopefully she can feel it.


  1. She does. She wouldn't know what to do without you. She is working for your attention, and doesn't realize the time requirement needed for the sweetpea.

  2. I think the same things, Sarah. But really, tho' you are 33 yrs old, this IS your first time thru this stage. Give yourself a little bit of the grace that God extends to you! (And I'm preaching to myself on that one). And the marathon battle-of-wills...well, I do think they go thru spurts where they just test every little thing. Hunter's doing that now. I've lost count of the times he's had dinner for breakfast because he wouldn't even take ONE small bite the night before. Hang in there. Lisa assures me it does pay off in the end. :)