Monday, November 28, 2011

A Field of Mushrooms

We were reading one of The Princess' Highlights magazines and she noticed a craft and begged to do it. How could I resist?

We volunteered to provide the Thanksgiving table decoration and, considering that we have a huge gathering and at least 3 large tables packed with people elbow to elbow, we had quite a project in front of us. We split it over a couple of weeks so it was manageable and still loads of fun.

Things I have learned from making a toilet paper roll craft:
  • All toilet paper rolls are not created equally. Who knew?
  • If all of your friends have preschool aged kids, toilet paper rolls are a big commodity. Luckily my soccer team came through for me!
  • When highly motivated 4 year olds can accomplish a lot - I need to stop underestimating her abilities.
  • Paper hold punches are not made like they used to be - I broke the new one within 5 minutes of purchase.

The result was a beautiful garden of mushrooms almost completely made by The Princess. I punched some of the holes, that's it.

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