Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bedtime Conversations

The Princess and Mommy at bedtime

Will Jesus give us food?
Yes, Jesus gives us food.
When will he give us food?
Well, he helps mommy and daddy earn money so that we can buy food.
But does he give us food?
He gives food to people that don’t have any.
Will you come with me and Jesus?
To the grocery store to get food.
Sure, I’ll go with you to the grocery store to get food. But Jesus went to heaven so he won’t be with us at the grocery store so that we can see him. But he loves you so much and if you love him he’ll be in your heart and always be with you.
I love God and Jesus so, so, so much.
I’m so glad. They love you so, so, so much too.
I love you and Sweetpea and Daddy.
I love you and they love you too.
And I love myself (with a little smirk, like she was checking to see if it was ok to say that.)
That’s good. You’re very special and you should definitely love yourself.
Are there children there?
In heaven with Jesus.
Oh yes. Jesus LOVES children so there are lots of children with him.
Mommy, I want to go to heaven.
Well, you’ll get to go to heaven one day. Jesus loves you and if you love him then you’ll live with him in heaven one day.

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