Monday, April 18, 2011

My Monday

A typical Monday morning involves me sneaking out of the house at 6am before anyone else is up so that I can get as many hours in at the office as possible for the week. It's a routine that works well, as long as it stays routine. However, if I veer from the routine watch out!

Today I veered from the routine which cascaded into a myriad of new decisions and consequences...

I got up late (6:20am) because Steve had to go in early. I got ready quickly and still had time to do some things before getting The Princess and Sweetpea out of bed. I picked a cute outfit to wear, I threw in a load of laundry, I ate breakfast, I packed my lunch.

The consequences of my excursions from routine?
Eating breakfast at home:
  1. I decided to bring my purse to work instead of my backpack since I didn't have to schlep my breakfast to work. Less to carry but I did have to repack a bag!
Leaving at 7:30 instead of 6:00:
  1. I had to fight my way through traffic and construction to the waterfront parking lot just as the shuttle pulled away. (Although, the sun was shining so I did walk to the tram.)

Changing from the backpack to purse:
  1. No badge...  thought I was going to have to pay for my ride up the hill to the hospital. No, but they did have to look me up in the computer, enter my name into their "database for forgetful employees" and have an email sent to my boss (why he would care I'm not sure.) I did get a compliment on my cute outfit!
  2. No keys... (badge and keys are a package deal)  Not normally an issue except that I'm the only one here today! Had to call security and promise my firstborn if it turned out I was a crazy person pretending to be an employee in order to get into my office and steal that ancient computer...
Cute outfit vs. "research mode" (ie jeans):
  1. I'm wearing a dress. I'm a nursing mother. I have to use a pump. My cute outfit isn't "easy access"...  I will leave it at that.

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