Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Aftermath

One of the Easter traditions I grew up with was a family Easter basket. I've always liked this idea rather than Easter baskets for each person stuffed with presents, candy and distractions from what the day is truly about. We had the fun of the candy "surprise" in the morning and plenty of sugar and chocolate to gorge on for the next few days and there was less junk hanging around afterwards.

(sidenote: after the community egg hunt at the park I saw an Easter basket in the trash...  So they bought a basket just for the hunt and then promptly threw it away afterwards??!!!)

The Princess was all over Easter this year and with two Easter egg hunts and a small basket from Mamo and Papa (that's Grandma and Grandpa for those of you not up on Princess lingo!) I decided that the family basket was a great tradition to carry into our family.

The basket was greeted with lots of enthusiasm. Sweetpea thought it was mildly interesting.

With strict instructions not to eat anything I left her alone to peruse the candy while I went to get dressed for church. A few minutes later we came downstairs to this.

 No, she hadn't eaten even one single piece!


  1. The idea of a family Easter basket is new to me. I like that idea... And pretty impressive that she unwrapped all those candies, but didn't eat a single one! Wow!

  2. This is HYSTERICAL! Love it, Sarah!