Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dreams of a farm with room to run...

So, I noticed that I've started saying something that's perhaps not entirely appropriate...

It's always an operation getting Sweetpea ready for sleep.  It's not just a matter of noticing that she's tired, that the clock is announcing the time or that my brain is screaming for a break and then putting her in the crib and walking away. There's a process involved.

1. find all of the "equipment"
2. lay out the swaddle blankets (yes, there are two. She's 7 months old and would bust out of one in 2 seconds flat.)
3. put on the hat. We keep our house cold. She ALWAYS sleeps with a hat, plus I hear that it helps calm babies and prevents overstimulation...I'll try anything to make sure my babies sleep!
4. get that pacifier into her mouth!!
5. swaddle those arms down by her sides as tightly as I can possibly manage without actually tearing the blanket
6. rock her a for a few minutes before laying her down.

There's not normally a struggle involved, she's usually very ready to sleep and as soon as that blanket is wrapped you can feel her whole body relax.


Since there are all these steps to get her to dreamland I keep finding myself saying "Let's put you to sleep!"

I know, I know...she's not a pet!  I could probably say "Let's get you ready for bed!" or "Time for night-night!" but with all of the steps involved 'putting her to sleep' has stuck...

But I cringe a little every time I say it, just so you know.


  1. Okay, now what about that title "Dreams of a farm with room to run..."?

  2. That's where dogs go when they're "put to sleep"... I was being subtle... too subtle??? :)