Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year of the Bandaid

It's that time of year when we look forward and dream about all we could accomplish in the coming year, how many dreams we can make come true, which bad habits we're going to leave behind...

Of course, I have some specific goals, ones that involve paint and jogging strollers and writing deadlines; separately, not together. But this year I find myself more concerned about my inner person, the qualities will shape me for more than just the upcoming year.

Christmas morning, The Princess reached into her stocking and pulled out a package of Hello Kitty bandaids. The Princess is obsessed with bandaids, to look at her you'd think she was the clumsiest 3 year old on the planet. But the bandaids all over her body are just for show, to make her even more beautiful and princess-like.

Getting that box of bandaids was like winning the lottery. Everything else was secondary as she concentrated on getting that box open, picking out the perfect one and then carefully and painstakingly working her little fingers to pull away the wrapper from the prize inside. Perseverance in action folks.

She got that bandaid out, pulled off the tabs and then the big question was where to put it? What place on her body would be the perfect spot? What placement would telegraph how important, beautiful and exciting this gift was to her?

Well, she smacked that bandaid front and center, right on her forehead, between the eyes and over her eyebrows. She proudly wore that bandaid all day and every Christmas picture this year is going to show Hello Kitty waving proudly from between her eyes! Commitment and Excitement!

We're in Day 7 of the bandaid. We can't just pull it off unless we want an early introduction to what waxing the eyebrows is going to feel like. She's now sporting 1/2 a bandaid since I cut off the part that had finally released and was flapping in her eyes. It's an exercise in Grace and Patience.

One little bandaid placed in an unsual spot has given me a visual of who I'd like to be this coming year. Someone who commits to whatever project/task is in my path with perseverance in the midst of challenges. Someone who remembers that enthusiasm makes even the mundane more exciting and enjoyable. And someone who has the grace and patience to get through the little irritations of life and keep my eye on the little treasures in my life instead.

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