Friday, January 14, 2011

A Tale of Two Rae's

Rae was the darling of The Princess when she first started to chew on things. Along with his "made to chew" hands and feet, his ears, tail and tags are perfect saliva collectors as well!

Rae was her most favorite toy and I even went out and bought a back-up because he looked like he was on his way to disintegration.

Happily, Rae survived The Princess' assault intact and back-up Rae was forgotten until I found him while preparing for Sweetpea's arrival.

Back-up Rae (I need a less cumbersome name) made his debut last week into Sweetpea's world and was an instant hit!

So, now we have Rae and Back-up Rae in residence. I tied a ribbon around Rae's neck so that The Princess knew which one was hers but that didn't last. Rae doesn't like accessories.

Perhaps I'll embroider a little I and E on their bums respectively so that there isn't a catastrophic mistaken identity incident in the future...

In the meantime, aren't they cute?!!

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